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"Destination Anywhere" Review 4 June 2000
Different but better

the soundtrack of my life

A review by Renske Holwerda /

First I want to say that I love this entire album so much.
It's the soundtrack of my life.
It's like Jon wrote the lyrics for me.It's so recognizable,
that it ought to be paranormal (!!!).
Now my review of each song on this GREAT solo-album.

1.Queen of New Orleans.
When I heard this song for the first time,I realized how many different voices Jon has.
Compare Always,Queen of New Orleans and Please come home for christmas and you can't believe that it's the same singer.Great song.

2.Janie don't take your love to town.
Jon wrote this song in Amsterdam,the capital city of my native country,and because I know what he's singing about,
I like this song.It has a catchy tune.

3.Midnight in Chelsea.
My favorite song.I bought in 1997.
I'm a Bon Jovi-fan for 2 years (since I heard the great lyrics of Always for the first time) and I bought the single because I liked the sound.I wasn't a Bon Jovi-fan.
It's a perfect karaoke-song,so when I play this song I'm screaming from the top of my longs.Great great great.
This song is so perfect that it ought to be illegal!!

There's one song on the entire album I really hate.
I become sick to death when I hear the terrible sound.
The lyrics are also terrible.
Sorry Jon,but this song is one of your lowest points.

5.Staring at your window with a suitcase in my hand.
This song is so simple,but that's the reason why I like it.
It's a perfect karaoke-song too and the lyrics are great.

6.Every word was a piece of my heart.
Again a long-titled song,but it's at least from the same quality as no. 5.
It seems like Jon's inspiration for writing songs is inexhaustible.
This is one of of the best songs on the album.
The lyrics are great and the music is great.
Perfect combination!!

7.It's just me.
The most personal song on the album,I guess.
Maybe Jon wrote this song for me?
When I heard this song the first time,I had an affair that seemed not to end up the way I wanted it to end up.
That's why this is one of my fav songs too.
Lovely lyrics and it's just an easy-listening song.

8.Destination Anywhere.
To me this song seems comparable with no. 5,but that doesn't matter.
Great lyrics and a poppy sound.

9.Learning how to fall.
This song sounds to much like other songs.
It's too simple and that's why I don't like it that much.
Because of the lyrics: 7/10

This is from the same quality as no. 4.
I don't waste my time for a opinion about this song.

11.Little City.
A dreamy song.
I love it.I almost fall asleep when I hear it and I like that feeling.

12.August 7.4:15
Hmmm,I know this song is based on true facts but I don't understand the lyrics.
Jon wrote this song for a woman,but when it wasn't based on true facts,it wasn't suitable for this album.

13.Cold hard heart.
This song makes me so silent.
It's so slow and I really love that.
It reminds me of a person I ever knew and the more recognizable the songs are,the more I like it.

Rating: 10/10

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