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"Crush" Review 31 December 2001
Good, and should satisfy most (not all).

A New Sound For A New Decade.

A review by Sanjeev Singh /

"Crush" had unfairly been billed as "the great comeback". I ask, a comeback from what? The guys never disappeared, and it wasn't as if "These Days" was a 'farewell'. If anything, "Crush" was also unfairly timed I guess since it followed perhaps Bon Jovi's greatest album of all, "These Days". What I'd say is that "Crush" was long awaited, and so not a comeback of any kind.

What is certain is that the album has picked up alot more new fans out there than perhaps any of the previous albums did. This is mainly thanks to the singles "It's My Life" and "Thank You For Loving Me".

I love "It's My Life"...I think it's one of the band's greatest singles - a step in the right direction: A GREAT SONG! "Thank you for loving me" was the 3rd single to be released, and admittedly, it's sweet. But for me the nice surprise was the 2nd single, "Say it isn't so". This song would turn off alot of Bon Jovi's fans, especially the ones from the 80's. When I first heard it, I wasn't so sure. I mean. I liked it, but not in the form that I normally would. But after listening to it after 3 times, I saw that it was really good to hear the band do this. It shows that BJ aren't afraid to try out something new. They've always been moving, and that's evident from "Keep The Faith" through to "These Days" and "Destination Anywhere".

I appreciated "say it isn't so" not through being forced to make myself listen to it, but rather I was very interested to make sense of it. And I like it. Kinda dreamy.

A personal favourite is "Two Story Town", because I like the way Jon sings on this one. Like the lyrics about'ecstasy eyes/he promised her roses/amd american pie'. Of course, everyone out there would love "Just Older", a classic BJ song, along the lines of New Jersey's "Blood on Blood" (but not as good!). So let's list the ratings for the rest of the songs I haven't discussed.

Next 100 years: A bit like the Beatles (with the 'na na na na's'). But an excellant surprise was the longer guitar solo by Richie. Not since "Dry County" have we heard that from BJ.

Mystery Train: Lovely song, personally wished it to be released as a single, but maybe it was good that it wasn't. This should be just something for the fans.

Save the world: Originally written for Armageddon, this is a pleasant sounding song. It always finds a way to stick in your head and whistle the tune.

Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen from Mars: When I saw this title, I knew it would be something special. Very refreshing piece of music. Would've been interesting to see a video for this!

She's A Mystery: Not liked by most BJ fans, and I guess 'cos it's very unexpected from them. I think it's nice to hear this kind of arrangement, but it's not something I'd want them to repeat. Definetly NOT their worst song!

I got the girl: Again, kinda sweet but also fun and bubbly like. Like the lyrics here as well.

One Wild Night: A GREAT SONG! Nostalgia here, because I think it's much like the 80's stuff. In fact, on first listening of the whole album, this stood out as the best alongside "It's My Life". Very 80's like.

I could make a living out of loving you: Nice touch here - not a filler by any standards.

Neurotica: Wow! Excellant bone-crunching rock here. I guess this is what most people hoped the whole album would be like. But variations' been the key in the past.

All in all, not near as good as "These Days" nor "Keep The Faith". But this is a new decade, and honestly, it's not a bad way to kick it off. Pretty fine, actually!

Sanjeev Singh

Rating: 8/10

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