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"One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001" Review 2 January 2002
One Wild Fright

A live album cut, mixed,remasterd, that live?

A review by ATTICA

So the lads first ever live album comes at a tricky stage in their lives. With the, lets be honest, dissapointment of CRUSH they thought it time to release a live album, in their late 30's it's about time. However being a musician myself, i can appreciate the fact they wanted to do fresh new stuff, like new studio albums, i'd get boared if i didn't do new records. But as a singer i have to think to myself "Why release a live album to your new young found audiance when your voice is half shot". When a singer hits his/hers late 30's your voice gets a bit used, and jon also being a on and off smoker hasn't helped. There are times on the record when you almost try and will jon to hit that note in the key change of 'liven on a prayer'. The question i ask is "Why now?" Think of all those great shows on the 'slippery... tour or 'Jersey sydicate'they would of made a great live album. Instead what we have is a mish mash of new, old and very old stuff which all sounds a bit slick. Even the " Say Ohh Yer's" at the end of 'Prayer' are cut, (Watch the 'CRUSH' DVD)the crowd noise has been mixed so as it is quite during the song, and is then brought up at the end, and there is a moment where 'Wanted' gets very very quite, it might as well be Riche playing in his room on the edge of a bed, not in front of 60, 000 fans. The highlight is probely 'Some think to beilive in' Jons voice is spot on (Mind you it was 7 years ago) and you can actually hear the crowd. Well here's to the next studio album being the dogs B#../?# personally i'm not looking forward to next live release. ( Well unless they learn how it's done properly)

Rating: 4/10

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