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"Destination Anywhere" Review 20 January 2002
"I'm the Man I wanna be..." *JBJ*

Without Desmond Child and Richie's help he keeps on making great songs!

A review by Alex Jon Bryan /

Destination Anywhere is a mixture of synthrock, great luv ballads, splendid lyrics and heavy crackers. Very good, differs from BJ albums, it changed my opinion about Jon - he can write songs on his own, and they are fantastic! The best songs are 'Janie Don't You Take Your Love To Town', 'Learning How To Fall' and the title track.
Song by song
Queen Of New Orleans 7/10

This one is great. Heavy guitars, a lot of distortion and Dave Stewart's influence. Very catchy chorus, this song rocks!

Janie Don't You Take Your Love To Town 10/10

This song is the best on the album. Jon wrote it on his own, and it is great. I especially love lyrics here and the first verse, when he sings 'Look we both know how much I've let you down Janie don't you take your love to town'. I also like violin intro and Jon's voice which wasn't distorted. Great to hear live!

Midnight In Chelsea 9/10

You need to get used to this one. After that you'll like it. Very good! Especially, the verses and lyrics.

Ugly 8/10

This one is good. And it has got the best lyrics. Indeed, everyone of us sometimes feels ugly. Jon is absolutely right!

Staring At Your Window With A Suitcase In My Hand 7/10

I like this one. Because of great background, layers and some splendid piano parts played by David Bryan. Lyrics are also good.

Every Word Was A Piece Of My Heart 8/10

This song rocks! Great catchy chorus reminds me of 'Hearts Breaking Even' from These Days. 'Hey now' is wonderful!

It's Just Me 8/10

Wonderful! The chorus isn't that good, but the first verse, highlight lyrics, 'foggy' style and great guitar solo in the end make this song one of the best on the album!

Destination Anywhere 10/10

The title track is just made for listening in car. You just think that you're going to the Wonderland, not to work :) The chorus is great and the tempo is just right! It drives you crazy till the end!

Learning How To Fall 10/10

'Midnight In Chelsea' kind of song. Some voice distortion, slow tempo, great beat and bass. Much electronics and loops. I also like harmonica here, because it reminds you about some wonderful Aerosmith ballads. Besides, this one has the best chorus on the album.

Naked 7/10

Maybe, this one is great live, but on this album it seems to be the odd-one. And I don't understand what this one is about...

Little City 8/10

Very slow... The chorus is catchy but the whole mood of the track is somewhat...sleepy. Does he sing about New Jersey?

August 7, 4:15 9/10

I really love the voice intro here. Perfect! And it's very sad. But the chorus is poor, indeed...

Cold Hard Heart 8/10

Very good outro for the album. Sad luv song and perfect voice. What can I say? It shows us true Jon, as he is. I promise, you won't be alone when listening to this album.

Rating: 9/10

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