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"Crossroad" Review 20 January 2002
Bon Jovi 4eva!!

What an album!

A review by Jacky /

Ok, so I'd already bought Crush.

I only bought that coz I seen the video for It's My Life and cudn't stop drooling over Jon! And I'm only 16!

So it was the 2nd BJ album I bought. It's absolutely fabulous! Rockin classics like Prayer and Bad Medecine, the gorgeous ballads like Always and Bed Of Roses.

I am in love with this album and probably always will be. All Bon Jovi's greatest traks on one CD. What more could any devoted fan ask for?

I've since bought all the rest of BJ's CD's and they're all great. I went to see them last June and they rocked big style.

If you want, e-mail me and tell me wot u think of my review and BJ. I'll be glad 2 hear from any one.

Rating: 10/10

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