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"Crush" Review 4 June 2000
Time To Crush the Opposition!!

They'll rock for the next 100 years!!

A review by Jane Besser /

Five years of patient waiting for the next Bon Jovi offering has well and truly paid off!!!

"Crush" bravely ignites the Bon Jovi flame in an exploding show of new songwriting techniques boldly mixed with the traditional Bon Jovi sound that we all love them for!!

"It's my life" was a fantastic choice for the first single - a payback to the fans that have truly kept the faith and a taste of things to come for the next generation of Jovi fans! It's comforting to know that after all these years in the business Mr Bon Jovi and company still have dreams and the strength the believe in them!!

OK so some of the tunes suspiciously sound a little like other songs but as they get going they pull themselves back into true Bon Jovi mode with spine tingling effects!

The delicate, heartfelt lyrics are still present fusing with the bolshy and brash to take the listener on a roller coaster ride of emotions and vivid story telling that is the hallmark of Bon Jovi.

All in all a true masterpiece of both intospective pieces such as "Just Older" and "Save the World" (the latter I must admit is growing on me at a rate of knots and could soon end up being my favourite track on this album) to the fun rock anthems such as "One Wild Night" and "Captain Crash"!

This amazingly confident album is bound to crush all opposition and put Bon Jovi back in their rightful place - as the best rock band in the history of music and performance!!!

Rating: 8/10

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