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"Crush" Review 26 January 2002
You BETTER read this review!

A must-read review.. In my opinion..

A review by MEB /

It stunned me to see that some people have been dissing the newer albums of Bon Jovi... Would a real Bon Jovi fan do that? Nae. Now listen/read up.. This is a review to assure everybody that they need to chill out.. (If you already haven't)..

Bon Jovi has changed with every album they have ever put out.. You may not notice it much but they have.

Bon Jovi first came out with ..well.. Bon Jovi. (Hehe).. Which was an album of heartbreak. I do not mean it was/is heartbreaking to the fans.. It was and is an awesome album which I give a 10+.. But nearly every song in it has to do with heartbreak.. Unlike other songs which premote love itself. "Shot Through The Heart".. Think here..Heh.

I am trying to say that Bon Jovi keeps changing and bouncing back..differently at that. In 2002 (September I think).. Bon Jovi will release "Bounce".. There new album.. Deal with it.. It'll be great.

Anyway.. I must continue with the review. Bon Jovi's second album was a 10+ as well.. Not one of my favorites but others have the over-all opinion. It is a DAMN GOOD album! It may turn out to be my favorite.. I am not too familiar with it yet..but I will be..

Then Slippery When Wet.. Woohoo! Most people liked this album..and they still do. This is a mixture of rocking on, loving, and being wild at the same time. It had awesome songs on it that can still rate as 'awesome' today.. It really proves that Bon Jovi is TRUE Rock 'N' Roll.. I remember riding around on my motorcycle.. I used my CD player with headphones to listen to music which I rode around.. At one time.. ALL I ever listened to was this album.. EVERY song has power in it.. It will always rule..

NEW JERSEY New Jersey is another great album..though I am not too familiar with it.. Since I only own 9 Bon Jovi CDs.. Needing the two US versions: 7800, Jersey.. But I have heard New Jersey and it is bad ass! ... No one can diss Bon Jovi albums unless they really haven't done good.. And ..frankly.. I can say that Bon Jovi did good with all four albums of the 80's.. Because they were chosen as NUMBER 3..OUT OF 40 hair bands.. as the best!.... Poison and Twisted Sister were 1st and 2nd.. But they haven't come as far as Bon Jovi.. 10+ On New Jersey

.. Whoooooa.. This is the album that really took 'love' into the 90's. An awesome album now.. I think that it wasn't as cool when it came out as it is now.. It's kind of like "Prince" ..that party like it's 1999 song.. It re-charted in 1999 when it was made in the 80's... Well KEEP THE FAITH was mostly about love and after the hair band rage.. Most people didn't want it right then. But it was a good come-back for Bon Jovi..! An awesome love-song album ..10+!!!!!!!!!

...((By the way.. I am 13 and you know I have been right about everything so far.. :D )) Well.. My friend Charles called me ..asking me what Bon Jovi CD he should get.. Because from my Slippery When Wet album..he heard "Livin' On A Prayer" and he loves it. Right then.. I said Crossroads... I told him that if Livin' On A Prayer is all he wants..then yeah..he should get SWW.. But I said Crossroads right then. It has all the good stuff that came before it.. If you were to go to a party for rock music.. That would be an album to take with you.. 10+ ..enough said..

What can I say? This really was a back up for what I call.."The Hit CD", Cross Road. People were probably expecting new stuff and thought that Bon Jovi was done because they put out a classic groove cd... HAH.. Some people were wrong. This CD can show a person how Bon Jovi really rocks. This is not the hardest rock 'n' roll album they have out..but it is damn good! See what I mean? Bon Jovi changes.. They will ALWAYS be Rock 'N' Roll... But through the years..Rock 'N' Roll has changed. It used to be hair band head bang.. But Bon Jovi can't stay like that forever. This is a CD that had power to it.. With "These Days" (and others) you could feel that energy when it said.. "These days, the stars seem out of reach".. The same energy from "Livin' On A Prayer" .. "Runaway".. "I'd Die For You'... "Without Love".. and every other song that has the energy.. (a lot of songs ..heh).. 10+

... Okay.. The moment we've all been waiting for! AN AWESOME COME-BACK! Oh God.. I love this album.. I love all the albums.. But this was what I first knew.. "It's My Life".. "Two Story Town".. "Captain Crash And The Beauty Queen From Mars".."One Wild Night".. "Just Older".. "Say It Isn't So"... Every song on there had great feeling in it.. This reminded me of Slippery When Wet..because it had a big mixture.. And with a lot of the songs on it.. It showed Bon Jovi's rock 'n' roll talent. When you first hear the album.. You might scroll through the songs.. finding that you only like "It's My Life" and "One Wild Night".. But if you just listen to the songs through and should like them.. Hell, I did.. I still do. Without this.. I would not be a Bon Jovi fan until September of this year (2002) when Bon Jovi releases "Bounce".. Anyway.. In this album.. "Two Story Town" actually had the word "shit" in it. A lot of fans (younger ones) would think that it is a bad song because they thought "Well hey.. Bon Jovi is an awesome rock band and they don't cuss or say anything crazy or anything like that".. Some people are idiots. This song ruled.. People need to understand, Bon Jovi is a band of MEN.. not KIDS.. Not old men either... Some people have called them oldies.. But most of the members are in their 30's or early 40's.. Not too sure.. But Jon is still in his 30's.. Anyway.. You're not really "OLD" until you're in your 70's.. Sure you can be oldies.. But Bon Jovi is still rocking..still performing.. Which means they are not oldies... Not NEW.. but not old.. They are 'IN'.. So if a person can call them oldies because they had stuff out in the 1980's..then go to Torpor.. Because Janet Jackson did a lot in the 80's and she's 36 right now! HAH! Deal with it.. They are not old.. Just older.. And they still sound great.. if not better than they ever did. Buy CRUSH or else.. 10+

No..the songs on here were not at all from 2001.. But that is when it came out..So deal with it.. Bon Jovi COULD have done differently with this album. But it still rocked! So what if it didn't have ALL of their great songs? It had LOTS of good ones..and some performances that will NEVER be seen again. This is the CD to buy if you want to hear a little bit of all the albums and more.. When I got this... I listened to it forever.. And now that I have 9 CDS (Including the Australian Exclusive Collector's Ed. of OWN 1985-2001).. I listen to them all.. Like reading a book over and over again and never getting bored. This album had great performances on it.. Some that were even on VH1.. :D ... I wish there could have been other songs that I like on this Album.. But they only put the ones that really meant something! :) 10+++++++ for this..and a 10+++++++ For EVERY ALBUM OUT!

The Future..
BOUNCE will probably be an awesome album as well.. It will no matter what ..if you're a true Bon Jovi fan and you really respect the music. So there you have it folks.. Bon Jovi is still rockin' and they will be for a LONG LONG time.. So email me with your thoughts and comments on my awesome ..better than yours.. review.. :D Thanks

- Jake

Rating: 10/10

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