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"Bon Jovi" Review 14 February 2002
Burning For Rock

A review by Rumen

Runaway - 10+/10 Itīs a Bon Joviīs trademark one of the greatest songs of all time!!! Cool piano melody,good guitar works (simple power chords, but It sounds fantastic & Tim Pierce makes one of his greatest solos), and Jon vocals are amazing!

Roulette - 10+/10 Great song! One of my favourites! True rocker! The guitars are a little heavier! It rocks!

She Donīt Know Me - 10/10 The guys didnīt write this one, Mark Avsec did in 1980, but the band plays this songs perfect - Classic from the 80īs! It needs maybe a little bit more guitars - the solo is really short&simple! Anyway - Itīs a classic!

Shot Through The Heart - 10+/10 This song is a great rock song and one of my big favourites of this record. Jon & Richie made the song a way better than Surginīs (Jack Pontiīs group) version, where Jon sings background vocals Richie rules!

Love Lies - 8,5/10 A ballad with a cool guitar solo! Good song, but nothing special!

Breakout - 10/10 Itīs real rock song! Jon & David are great, but here amazing is Richie! He plays two solos! The 1st is short, but the 2nd outro solo is great 0,50 min! The song is only 5,24 min!

Burning for Love - 10++/10 Maybe this one is my favourite song ever! I have no words!GREAT!

Come Back - 8/10 This song sounds a little trivial, but Itīs a perfect rock song from 80īs! Itīs a filler song, but one of the best filler songs,which you can heard!

Get Ready - 9/10 Pretty cool tune, though. The boys liked this one - they played it on KTF tour too!

Are you ready?-Get ready!

And after this Bon Jovi will become one of the most famous rock band ever!

The rest is history!

Rating: 10/10

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