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"Bon Jovi" Review 24 February 2002

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A review by :D MEB /

This is the second album I bought (Out of 12 CDs) ... and I kept trying to find the title but hey, It's Bon Jovi. And that is good enough for me.

Anyway, this album has a lot of songs about heartbreak and you know..some really good rock songs. I'll go ahead and rate the songs on here..hehe.. anything above an 8 is awesome.

~Runaway~ This is one of the songs that I would want to put on an upcoming album..with know..the best stuff. It has very great lyrics and it makes some people want to shoot the music video for it..
10/10 :D

_Roulette_ A very good rock song. Not fast enough to head bang to...yet..not slow enough to hate. Slow songs rule too though!... Anyway, the lyrics were great in this..

She Don't Know Me
- It's like saying.. "She do not know me".. Lol.. I love joking about this song..but it's really good. It's not my favorite on the album but it's a song I wouldn't mind hearing over and over.. like any Bon Jovi song!

_~_~Shot Through The Heart~_~_
Not much to say about this song except it's just perfect. The lyrics rule..and it's a good time to really hear Jon use his voice.. Kind of mezmuhrizin'.. >D

Love Lies
10/10 :D

Anyone can clearly see that all the other songs will be given a 10/10.. This album rocks.. :D Deal..

Rating: 10/10

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