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"Crush" Review 7 June 2000
Well the beat ain't bad, and the words aren't wrong

a positive one

A review by Gabor

Well, Bon Jovi are back!!! They showed us that contemporary American music is NOT equal to britney spears and backsteet boys. Luckily, still there are some great bands, musicians, performers who play MUSIC and not some plastic stuff for 13-year-old girls.

This album is very Bon Jovi-like, and on the other hand, it contains some new elements never used by this band before. It's a modern classic, I mean. In a way it's similar to Scorpions' '99 album "Eye II Eye" - both are new rock albums from old (Oh, no! Not old, jost older!!!) bands, the new style reminds old fans to their early albums but also won some new fans because of the modern elements they put in the tracks.

My number one favourite is One wild night, there's no doubt!!! The whole song is cool, I love the intro, the guitars, and of course the "NA-NA-NA" stuff! It's just great. I hope they will perform this song on tour. The second one is She's a mystery. I was very surprised by this track, it's just so quiet and calm. Jon sings it in a beautiful way.

And the others are good, too. It's my life is OK for a first single (but One wild night would have been better). When I first heard Say it isn't so, it didn't really catch me, but at the second time it was much better. But I don't
think it's gonna be a big hit if it will be released as a single. But it's great, such as all the songs on this album (which is very rare, especially nowadays) and the lyrics are good, too, I just don't understand why aren't they included to the CD.

And what about the 30 seconds silence in I could make a living...? I guess it was only a mistake. This is the best album of the year so far. Jon, Richie, David, Tico - thank you for loving the audience!!!

Rating: 10/10

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