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"Power Station Years" Review 6 March 2002
AOR-Europe's review of Powerstation Years

A review first published on the melodic rock website

A review by Kimmo, /

These are the earliest recordings of John Bongiovi, nowadays better known as Jon Bon Jovi. I have always thought that the first Bon Jovi album is a great album, so I was eager to hear this, hoping that these songs are in that same style. It soon came obvious though that these songs have more in common with Bruce Springsteen's "The River" album than "Runaway". Not that it's bad, it's just not what I expected...

There are quite a few songs here that remind me of "The Boss", like "Open Your Heart" and "Head Over Heels", simple pop rockers in the vein of Springsteen's "Sherry Darling". I don't mind them but the best songs here are the ones with a little of that magic later known as the Bon Jovi sound. "Hollywood Dreams" (hints of Aldo Nova there too), "More Than We Bargained For" (First Big Bon Jovi Ballad?), and "Talkin' In Your Sleep" are all songs that JBJ should be proud of. All in all, not a bad album... Probably better than "Destination Anywhere" anyway!

Rating: 7/10

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