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"Bon Jovi" Review 6 March 2002
My Second Bon Jovi CD


A review by World /

This was the second Bon Jovi album I ever owned.. Being a HUGE fan (really), I'm going to do a review on this beauty. My mom bought me Slippery When Wet (with great judgement) when I said I liked Bon Jovi (after hearing "It's My Life").. It was constantly in my CD player for about two months and it still is a lot now..But anyway, this is about "Bon Jovi" not "Slippery When Wet"..

Runaway - Of course, the first thing to hear for me on this album. The title looks cool so the song should be too. I remember loving this song, as I still do. Great lyrics and awesome speed.. It would be great to make your own music video with this.

Roulette - At the start, I liked this a bit more than Runaway because they high high HIGH part on Runaway always sounded weird. Now, I just like this song because it's great. The lyrics are awesome and it really gets you thinking.

She Don't Know Me - This is the most pop-like song on the album. It's still pure Rock 'N' Roll and it's great to hear. Not my favorite but it's not like I avoid it..

Shot Through The Heart - Wow..This is just..awesome. You can really hear Jon's voice on this. The start of the song is good but I hate the part where it says "of the game that we call love".. Heh.. That's weird but I still love the song. Wanna' hear it live too! >__<

Love Lies - This is what I listen to the least of all on the album.. I love the song like all Bon Jovi songs but I can't seem to stop avoiding it. But when I hit play, I hear the whole thing through. They did great with this charm.

Breakout - This song is funny..and really 'dance' like. Great sound and lyrics.. I would like to go to a party and hear this...Or hear it live in 2002..

Burning For Love - This song is awesome.. One of the best Bon Jovi songs of ALL.. Too bad it didn't get as much attention as it deserved.. I loved this.. it's powerful and has all the energy it needs. Note to self: SEE THIS LIVE

Come Back - One of the least that I hear, but it's still awesome. It reminds me of Burning For Love.. Automatic A..

Get Ready - Wooo.. What a fluke. Most people loved this.. All my friends like it.. So do I. It's missing a notch of something but I will listen to it any time..

Great album.. The second for me to own and I remember listening to it.. Song 1 to song 7 until I ran out of gasoline..

Rating: 10/10

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