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"Slippery When Wet" Review 7 March 2002
Months I say, Months


A review by World /

This, as stated before, was the first album I owned. I was watching Vh1 when Bon Jovi came on and they were on "Behind The Music"..which included showing the first few songs of a concert for Crush. They performed It's My Life, Livin' On A Prayer (which rocked), You Give Love A Bad Name, then One Wild Night. Vh1 stopped showing the concert after that and I had loved every one of those songs. They ROCKED.. then I wanted an album.. When I was surprised with Slippery When Wet, I was glad that at least two of those songs were on it.

Let It Rock - I didn't listen to this until three days after I got it.. I loved this whole song and it made me want to sing along.

You Give Love A Bad Name - The first classic I wanted to hear.. I loved it and had it on play forEVER.. There was something wrong with it though. I liked the newer, live version(s) better.. But now I like both version(s) the same..
10/10 !!

Livin' On A Prayer - Wonderful in every way. Before I got the album, I downloaded this on Napster... I kept picturing the music video like..a rainy day in New York.. Why? Because.. I don't know.. Lol.. But this song has made it far and it could have been on the Crush album and it still would have did just as good.

Social Disease - The song I like the least on this album. I do love it, don't get me wrong.. It just..doesn't have as much energy as others.

Wanted Dead Or Alive - Amazing. Jon said he loved this song too, performing it live was what he loved the most. I think this is just a cowboy song, but managed to be Rock instead of country. Amazing I say.. Amazing...

Raise Your Hands - I had never bothered to listen to this until this year (2002) when Bon Jovi did an awesome concert in Jersey. I heard Raise Your Hands Live and when the concert ended, I slipped in the CD and played it. Much power, and energy

Without Love - Woo! Somehow, this song just grabbed me. I played it two weeks along with I'd Die For You after I bought the album. It has a lot of power and more than anything, I want to hear it live.. It's just amazing.

I'd Die For You - Another song with power. Some people say it's a part two to Runaway. When I listened to Runaway after this, I thought.. this another version of I'd Die For You???.. It uses the title a lot in the song.. Little too much but it makes up for it with.. "In a world, that don't know Romeo and Juliette" Bad spelling..heh.

Never Say Goodbye - Maybe this should have been at the end of the album, Lol. I've always liked this. It was a lot better when I first heard it but still, it hasn't faded.

Wild In The Streets - WHOA.. What the heck? I love it..Like I love all. They did great with this and with a little work, it could be made into a more modern song. It reminds me of motorcycles!

Rating: 10/10

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