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"Crossroad" Review 10 March 2002
when memory sometimes hurts

A review by walter /

When I bought Crossroads", back in 1994, it was a bad time in my life : I had to move from Paris, France, to go back in my hometown for work, and let my girlfriend for many reasons. I just bought this album for my Bon Jovi collection which stil grows up, and never really listened to it, except for "Always" & "Someday...", because I had all the other stuff somewhere else, as a real Bon Jovi fan, and I knew this stuff by heart.
At the beginning of the year, I hanged out with a girl who loved to listen to "Crossroads", and especially to "Always". I just told her it was lyrics about a heartbreaking situation, she just liked the music, so we listened to it over and over (more than three hours one evening).
Then, we went separate ways and damn, everybody knows how it's hard to have this kind of thing in life. Being really moody, I just stopped listened to Bon Jovi for a while, but late week, I had a Bon Jovi home compilation tape in my walkman, then came "Always". I didn't hear the song right after we went separate ways, and all the memories went back in my head. I felt really bad for all this day, having these images in head coming all the time...
One day, Richie said to a french magazine "Bon Jovi is more touching people to heart than to ears."
I know Richie is right. How can I listen to "Always" not thinking to my late girlfriend, but how could I not listen to "Always" which is a strong ballad? If I pick up "Slippery", "Jersey" or "Faith", I will hear all tracks that surface on "Crossroads", but it's only listening to this particular album I know I will think about her. I know I'll never forget feelings and sensations, and when I put this record on, I know the past will jump out of his grave to haunt me once more. That's the power of musicians and music, especially Bon Jovi. Touching my heart more than my ears. My heart is still bleeding, wounds are still there, and I know from experience wounds never really disappear. Listening to "Crossroads" will be facing demons. But that's how life can treat you sometimes, and if music would mean nothing, well... just watch TV. I like Bon Jovi, it's a part of me, and if I remember something glued to music because I listened to a song at a particular point in my life, good or bad feelings, whatever..., well, that's the power of music, and no one does it like Bon Jovi does. Thank you for being there through some tough times, guys. It's sometimes cruel, but damn, who could do it better than you?

Rating: 10/10

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