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"Crossroad" Review 23 March 2002
Always- Powerful "Live" Song (Giants Stadium Review)

A review by Debora Parentes /

Powerful Song

“Always” is the most powerful romantic song ever written. This song is full of emotion and feelings that only people in love understand. A perfect song, fantastic lyrics, and a brilliant ballad. Lyrics that reflect the real feeling of a man, who is really in love and who is man enough to express their feeling, tell about their love and assumed their own mistakes. This song was the most popular song in 1994 and for reasons surely understood. Written by Jon Bon Jovi, “Always” became the song played most on the radio all over the world that year. Which was also a great year for me. A year of discovers and surprises. This song made a
perfect soundtrack to my life at that time. A time when try to understand the lyrics was a mission with a dictionary in my hand, trying to understand the beautiful words and its meanings.

When listening to this song, you whish to be the man who is deeply in love or the girl who had been loved. For a few minutes, you can feel the magic of a true love, which is hard to happen in the real life, but not impossible. By reading or listening to the lyrics, you feel honest with yourself, or how could you be honest with yourself, with your feelings. How do admit your own mistakes and be modest enough to ask for a second change if you really want to try once more. And also how to remember the memories you left behind, the good and bad ones, the ones you laughed, and the ones you cried.

This song is also a powerful “live” song. Better than the studio version. Last summer I went to Giants Stadium, to see Jon Bon Jovi performing. He sang all my favorites songs. The concert was about to end, the lights went off and the whole stadium was ready to leave, but few seconds later, the whole crowd began to scream and lighted the stage with camera flashes and lighters on their hands, that was Jon Bon Jovi with his cowboy hat back to the stage. A huge silent took the audience for a few minutes, small colored lights in the back of the stage shining just like little star in a big sky. Then they started playing “Always”. With additional lyrics in the end, Jon was almost crying the emotion into these words and the whole band are climaxing behind him. The entire stadium sang along with them, screaming with them, crying with them. I was one of them. That was the most powerful moment during the whole concert. When I saw everybody singing the same song, the song that I heard tree times a hour seven years ago, when I was just a kid, I realize how this song is powerful not only to me, but to the thousands of people in there that day and all around the world, and how powerful a song can be and how can influence your entire life.

Rating: 10/10

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