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"These Days" Review 27 March 2002
The 'These Days' Stories

A review by The Walrus /

Stories about Life

These Days is known to fans as the 'darker album'. It tells the stories of people who are desperate, down on their luck, and finding out just how hard life can be. But, while the songs are some of the darkest that the band have done, they definitely still rock, and are still filled with that raw Bon Jovi passion that we all know so well.

Here's a little 'Story by Story' review:

Hey God: The opening track, and a good song to start off with. It tells the story of someone who is wondering if it is Godís fault that life is so hard. It pretty much summarises the whole album, and is also one of the most raw, rocking songs on it, with a brilliant long guitar solo.

Something For The Pain: Probably the most upbeat song on the album, its about a man who needs help coping with being lonely. A nice beat and great lyrics make this a very good song.

This Ainít A Love Song: The albums first ballad, itís a story that we all know- being so in love with someone, and then being left by them. Not the albumís best track, but still a passionate, thoughtful song.

These Days: Breathtaking. The albums title track, and also the albumís best song. Iím listening to it as I write this, and wow, itís amazing. Very thought provoking, but definitely not boring. Passion filled vocals, and incredible lyrics. The story of everyone who is finding life harder than they first thought it would be. Fairly upbeat, but not really a rock song, it captures the feel of the album, and life in general, perfectly.

Lie To Me: I really have tried to like this song, but I think that itís impossible. I have to admit that the lyrics are good, telling the story of a couple whose lives are slowly being destroyed, but its just such a boring song that the lyrics are wasted. With none of the passion and energy that we have come to expect, this is the album at its worst.

Damned: The story of a man who canít bring himself to end an affair, this is a good rocking song.

My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms: Another brilliant song, with amazing lyrics, and really thoughtful and passionate vocals. The story this time is about a man who canít imagine his new life alone, and if anyone has been in this situation themselves, they will know exactly what it means.

(Itís Hard) Letting You Go: Another thoughtful song about someone who has to let his love go, this captures the feel of this situation brilliantly.

Hearts Breaking Even: A slightly more upbeat song than most of the others, it tells pretty much the same story, and is still just as thought-provoking as the others.

Something To Believe In: Incredibly passionate, itís all about finding something that you can believe in, so you can make your way out of the low place that youíre in. Possibly the most passionate song on the album.

If Thatís What It Takes: A very good, uplifting, rocking song, about a man who will do anything to be back with his old love. One of really good ones on this album.

Diamond Ring: Not as good as most of the others. I mean, the lyrics sound like a nursery rhyme, and the energy is all but nonexistent.

Bitter Wine: Not a bad song, but not great either, it has more energy and better lyrics than the last one, but not enough to make it really good.

And thatís These Days. The Ďdarker albumí. It is a really good album, although lots of people may not like it, because it is so different from their normal sound. I realise that I used lots of phrases repeatedly in that review, especially Ďthought-provokingí and Ďpassionateí, but that is because that thatís how I felt about this album. It is thoughtful and passionate, and an awful lot of people out there will know just where it is coming from.

Best Song: These Days
Worst Song: Lie To Me
Most Rockiní Song: Hey God

Rating: 8/10

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