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"These Days" Review 28 March 2002
in my opinion this is the best album cause has got stong giutar and drums and great lyrics

if i don't believe in jesus,how can i believe in pope,if i don't believe in heroine how ican believe in dope......

A review by bon-7- /

hi i am kostas from athens(greece) and this is my opinion for bonjovi and their albums:

bonjovi at first is the best rock group in the whole world,i love them very my opinion all of their albums are perfect but the most perfect of all is these this album all the songs are great and i love the lyrics very much........

the songs these days,something for the pain,something to believe in,hearts breaking even,it's hard letting u go,hey god has a great feeling for me and for some other people,goodbye cu.........

i hope bonjovi come here to greece sometime.............

keep the faith fans


with love bon-7-

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