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"Slippery When Wet" Review 28 March 2002
One of the worlds best albums


A review by relz007 /

LET IT ROCK - Bonjovi could not have written a better intro for this particular album this is a great song and the beat and lyrics kick so much ass

YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME - Not one of my faviourte songs by bonjovi but great lyriclly and makes a hell of a lot of sense.

LIVIN ON A PRAYER - If only every one could have a girl like GINA what a great place the world would be. This is one of my faviourtes of all time and is probably the song in which bonjovi will always be remembered for

SOCIAL DISEASE - Well what can you say a classic rock song with very intelligent lyrics and a great beat

WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - This is also one of my faviourte songs i used to hate this song and then i sat down and really listened to it and when i did i was blown away unbeliveable song

RAISE YOUR HANDS - This is a big bunch of fun and a great rock n roll song

WITHOUT LOVE - In my view a very moving love song it has a great melody and a lot of meaning so for that i love this song and is probably my faviourte song on the album

I'D DIE FOR YOU - A song that shows a person how much they mean to you and well the title speaks for its self also one of my favioutes

NEVER SAY GOODBYE - Not one of my faviourte to be honest i's prefer I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU to this one good lyrics very noistalgic song

WILD IN THE STREETS - Another song that is loads of fun a super song that puts you in a great mood and also perfect to finish off the album

All together one of the greatest albums of all time and i love it this album shows the world what genius really is

Keep the faith

Rating: 10/10

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