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"Undiscovered Soul" Review 8 June 2000
Richie still rocks...

A review by Silvia from Modena, Italy /

First of all, I'll try to make you understand my bad english and so forgive me if I make some mistakes.
I heard "Undiscovered soul" about 2 years ago, when it's been released. It was a revelation. Richie Sambora doesn't make music, HE'S music. Nowaday I don't know why he still remain in the band when he could have a band on his own and, I'm sure of this, he could have success with more promotion.
Songs like "Who I am" and "You're not alone" are little pearls in the thousand of silly songs around. Richie really writes, sings and plays with the heart and after 2 years his songs still give me the shivers. I think that, as a songwriter and probably also as a singer, he's even better than Jon.

Thank you Richie...I'm still turning down the lights and lighting a candle.

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