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"Crush" Review 22 April 2002
Cross Road

very successful and important part of Bon Jovi's career

A review by Cassie

The album, Cross Road as most fans know was a huge success in the Bon Jovi career. Many people will agree that this is a wonderful CD when you want to hear a mix of all of their songs, starting with the beginning, up till '94. I personally think this is only ONE of my favorite albums, just because I can hear all their greatest hits from all the albums. With just a few of their hits plus three new songs (Always, Someday I'll Be Saturday Night, and Prayer '94), nothing could go wrong. What made this CD most successful was their hit, Always. This is a slow, heart-stopping, makes-me-wish-I-could-belt-it-out-like-that kind of song, that, even some guys I know say it's their favorite off of this CD. Someday I'll Be Saturday Night was also a success, making you feel like Jon really understands what it's like to go through some tough times, which, he does, because as you might know, the whole band went through some hard times in the late 80's! Growing up in Jersey, Jon experienced a lot of difficult times in his life, making us, the fans, feel even closer to him. Prayer '94, a slow re-make of Livin' On A Prayer is also a great song! Richie joins Jon with some of his own solos, yet minor, in this song. Listen to his voice, and it almost makes you tremble! Overall, the entire CD is great, so (not being a retailer trying to make you buy this), I DO reccommend you buy it! Thanks for reading.

Rating: 10/10

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