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"Keep The Faith" Review 4 May 2002
They're back, and still Keeping The Faith

A review by The Walrus /

Keep The Faith

Well, everyone who 'Kept The Faith' through the long period after New Jersey was rewarded. Bon Jovi's first album of the 90's shows them in a different way to ever before, but still brilliant. Here's why:

Track-by-track guide:

I Believe: A great opener. When I first heard it, I didn't like it much, and it will never become my favourite song, but what a way to open an album! From the very beginning, it screams "Bon Jovi is back, and we still Believe!!" A positive message, incredible passion in both instrumentation and vocals up to a very decent opening song.

Keep The Faith: Oh yeah! Just listening to this song is an uplifting experience. Everything about this song is brilliant, and makes you feel high and ready to take on the world. After all, as Jon sings, "We've got to keep the faith!" This song is definetly one of my top 5 BJ songs (Others include Livin' On A Prayer and It's My Life). The guys are really on top form for this one, and although it's not quite the best on this album, it is damn close, and makes a brilliant, uplifting, rockin' title track.

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: A decent, lively rock song, but one which probably will never recieve much recognition as it is so overshadowed by the rest of the album! Still, it's definetly worth listening to.

In These Arms: Hmmmm, a ballad that rocks. Different, but it works. Apparently, it was voted the best BJ song at one point. I don't think I'd go that far, but it is a good song.

Bed Of Roses: This is where a lot of people are going to disagree with me. Because, while I don't think it's bad at all, it is nowhere near as good as Always. Not quite enough passion, but it is still a very nice, romantic ballad and most of it is very good. Just not quite as good as Always.

If I Was Your Mother: Rockin'? I think we went past that a long time ago. This is the bands most 'heavy metal' sounding song on any album, but that's definetly not a bad thing! Kind of weird lyrics, but a great strong beat. Another reason why this album is great.

Dry County: Speaking of reasons why this album is great...
This is the best song on the album. Not only that, it's one of my top 5. And not only that, it's the best BJ song ever (but my favourite is still Livin' On A Prayer). At ten-minutes long, there are only two words to describe this song: 'Epic' and 'Masterpiece'. One of Jon's best vocal performances ever, and some of his best lyrics as well. Also one of David's best songs, with a memorable keyboard beat going al the way through. And as for Richie...Richie is Dry County! This has his best guitar solo on any song, an amazing extended one which shows just why I think he is the world's best guitarist. Incrdible. And check it out live as well- it will blow you away. I'm still trying to recover from it.

Woman In Love: Not bad, pretty rockin', but not particularly memorable or different. Then again, after the last song, what would be?! It kinda reminds me of Social Disease from Slippery When Wet...check it out if you liked that.

Fear: Another 'heavy metal-ish' song, and again, that ain't a bad thing! Faster than If I Was Your Mother, and possibly better, check it out. So many reasons why this album is so good....

I Want You: Quite a nice ballad, but after Bed Of Roses and In These Arms, its nothing really special. But listen to it anyway.

Blame It On The Love Of Rock and Roll: Another great one, Jon saying that he loves what he does. It rocks and rolls, and you won't regret listening to it, or buying this album one bit.

Little Bit Of Soul: And then we have this. A bit of a disapointment after the rest of the album. Oh well, at least 11 of the songs were great. This one isn't awful, but just isn't really anything compared to all the other songs...

So Keep The Faith rocks!! It's different to New Jersey, but maybe better for it! I guess that's for you to decide, but I cna tell you that you won't be disappointed. One of the band's best ever!

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