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"Bon Jovi" Review 10 May 2002
The 1st Album

A review by Prayer 94'

This is the first Bon Jovi album (duh)..and a masterpeice at that. It has a big feeling of heavy guitar and pure rock 'n' roll. As well as some songs that live up until today. This album is never avoided when I spend time listening to Bon Jovi.

Runaway) This is the first track on the album, and the first one to really strike my attention. No, it wasn't the song, but the title. The title got me to play the song, and when I did..I loved it. Great music, great lyrics, but I had to wait as long as to get the Breakout video to find out that Jon was doing the incredibly high parts instead of who I thought did it (David)..

Roulette) A very mysterious and powerful song.. Mucho' heartbreak lyrics. This is perfect for the album and it would be great if it's performed live more often. I really like the guitar in this.

She Don't Know Me) This song is one of the calmer rock songs on the album. It was the only song on the album NOT written by Bon Jovi, since they write their own music. The lyrics are really good and so is the video. I want to hear this live as well.

Shot Through The Heart) Baby just got burned! I love this song to death. Jon's voice is perfect in this song and like all Bon Jovi songs, the lyrics are good too. It has a build up near the end of the song and it's great to listen to the whole thing through. Don't miss this.

Love Lies) This sounds much like a song that should be on a soundtrack of some movie from the time. Too bad it wasn't. The keyboarding is very good on this, just like on Runaway. I love it.

Breakout) A fun hop up and down song. This is the most "80's" sounding song that I have ever heard from Bon Jovi. The only bad thing about this song is..that it lyrically takes a drop down in the album. But still, it's great! Don't avoid!

Burning For Love) Wow.. Too bad this wasn't a single. It's much more rock like than She Don't Know Me. The sounds are very great to listen to, and if you REALLY think about it, you could picture running and searching throughout this song.

Come Back) Another one of the songs of heartbreak. A lot of people say "These Days" was the bigtime heartbreaker..but just listen to the songs on here! Most of them are all about "fight back at love" and defeat. This one, however, has a huge sound to me and I want to hear this live, with maybe some surprise in it.

Get Ready) Another weaker song on the album, like Breakout..but it's still very good. This is the last song on the album, so it has the right to be a little weaker than the others.. Though, a strong ending is needed..Check out One Wild Night on Crush.. It's perfect

Rating: 10/10

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