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"7800 Fahrenheit" Review 10 May 2002
The 2nd Album..

A review by Prayer 94'

This album is VERY similar in sound to Bon Jovi, but it's an improvement from a masterpiece. Just like "Bon Jovi" this album is good and hard-rocking. Because of the MUSIC on this, the lyrics are brought out to show you how sad sounding this album is.. The sadness was not as much noticed on "Bon Jovi"..but this makes up for it's true form.

In And Out Of Love) Not really a uh..sad song. A fun song, to me! The video rocks mucho', and the lyrics are very good and funny. It also sounds very good on the LIVE album.

The Price Of Love) Very strong.. The beginning rocks and it starts to fade..but in the end, the song gets greater.

Only Lonely) The best song on the album. The lyrics are brilliant and very depressing, which IS not bad for a mood that you could be in. The video, as I thought it MIGHT be, is amazing..and I wish the song could have been in "The Legend Of Billie Jean"

King Of The Mountain) The lowest track on the album. It's really good but it doesn't hold a grudge on me. Though, I don't avoid it while playing the album.

Silent Night) The song is better than the video. At first I, in an idiotic way, thought this was a remake of the Christmas song. But I was wrong, and this is a must-see Live..If they'll ever perform it again.

Tokyo Road) get real! I love this one! Japan must love it too..Heh..
10/10 ..for excitement.

The Hardest Part Is The Night) This should have been on a Friday The 13th sequal.. It would have been great. I really love the song and adore the solos.

Always Run To You) Magical.

To The Fire) This is not called (I don't wanna fall) to the fire.. It's just TO THE FIRE.. It even says so on the album! People give this great song a bad name

Secret Dreams) It's a switch between depression and fun to me.. The sound continuously seems to change throughout the song and that, in a way, is a rarity in Bon Jovi music. This should not be avoided!

Rating: 10/10

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