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"Crush" Review 8 June 2000
Crush: KevUK`s Rant

So this is what happened to all the outtakes...

A review by KevUK /

It`s My Life: With a nod to Slippery with the Tommy " Gina and the voice changer, this is a total (if a little overly produced)rock out and by far the best song on the album. (8)

Say It Isn`t So: Decent enough lyrics, and the induction of Bon Jovi`s "new" guitar sound is interesting, though behind the catchy chorus lies a mediocre song which is a step in the wrong direction. If released (as planned) as their next single, it will be their weakest single to date. (6)

Thankyou For Loving Me: Usually BJ`s ballads are something to behold. Sadly this song lacks any emotion whatsover. There is a glimpse of "I Want You" towards the end, though this song is not in the same league. (4)

Two Story Town: Despite being a hybrid or Joan Osborne`s "One Of Us" and Eagle Eyed Cherry`s "Save Tonight", Two Story Town is one of the better songs on the album. (7)

Next 100 years: Ah this is a litle more like it, a ballad with emotion, just like In these Arms or Wild Is The Wind. Only not as good. (6)

Just Older: A little bit of attitude in this one. (6)

Mystery Town: Shades of Soul Asylum. Only not as good. (6)

Save The World: Destination Anywhere outtake, gotta be. (4)

Capt Crash: An obvious rip off from Oasis "stay young", (both lyrically and musically) this is a lovely little rocking number. (7)

She`s A Mystery: Plods a long like a Bruce S album track. God Awful. (2)

I Got The Girl: Good for you Jon, this song sucks. (3)

One Wild Night: A decent attempt at recreating the decent work of years gone by, One Wild Night sounds like a leftover from the Slippery sessions.

UK Bonus Track: I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You:
Not so bad. (6)

As you have read I am VERY disapointed with Crush. I waited up to 5 years for this? I am aware that BJ needed to change with the times but lets face it, Crush is awful.

Rating: 6/10

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