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"These Days" Review 13 May 2002
Best album since Slippery

A review by Sam BJ /

Wow! I loved Slippery, I liked Keep the Faith but this surpasses them both. Bon Jovi obviously have a darker side and this is nowhere near as optimistic as Livin on a Prayer, Keep the Faith, Someday I'll be Saturday night et al. Anway, here are my song by song reviews...

Hey God- powerful opener. Wailing guitars, angry vocals. This sees Jon and Richie reflecting eachother's moods brilliantly. 10

Something for the pain- the same agonised lyrics but with a much lighter feel to it. This is obviously less about the pain of life and much more woman induced. 8

This ain't a love song- following the success of Always, this is a heartfelt melodic ballad but doesn't have the same compulsive listening quality. 8

These Days- this is more like the Bon Jovi of old with the lyrics "the stars ain't out of reach" but with a much more mellow sound to it with the opening pianos. Brilliant. 10

Lie to me- this is my favourite on the album. Interesting lyrics basically about denial when a relationship goes wrong. Jon sounds tortured and Richie adds a haunting backing vocal. 11/10

Damned- back to the upbeat but still dark vibe of Something for the pain. Clever lyrics, i love the line "just the wind thats blowin through the secrets that we keep". This is a really sexy song. 9

My guitar lies bleeding in my arms- music to slit your wrists to. Genius lyrics, amazing guitar solo. This is so beautiful I can quite happily sit and read the lyrics but to get the real effect you need to hear Jon's tortured vocals. 10

It's hard letting you go- this has just never won me over. It's nice but slow moving and never really gets going. 7

Hearts breaking even- this is looking at the more positive side of breaking up- its just one of those things. Full of emotion with a very catchy chorus. 10

Something to believe in- emotive, catchy and pretty good and is great live. 8

If that's what it takes- a bit lighter again with some great lyrics and a strong vocal performance. 9

Diamond ring- simple, quiet and not too bad. Brilliant Jon/Richie harmony in the middle. Lyrically, its nothing spectacular. 7

All I want is everything- Jon gets angry again. Brilliant lyrics ("all its about is the boy checked out, he couldn't handle reality") with some great guitar. 9

Bitter wine- very different with a strong piano intro. A quiet ballad with lyrics that tug at your heartstrings and a sense of very personal nostalgia. Check out the second verse for for bittersweet love stories. Another favourite and a strong way to end the album. 10

Great album, a little different, a little dark, a little work of genius x

Rating: 10/10

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