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"New Jersey" Review 19 May 2002
The 4th album....!!

A review by Prayer 94'

This is the fourth Bon Jovi album, and without a doubt, one of the best. They're all good but this is something similar to the amazing "Slippery When Wet" ... Well, just read the review.

Lay Your Hands On Me) This is one of the big audience manglers. It can really get a crowd going, and the video is amazing. The intro is long too, and I think it broke a record.

Bad Medicine) Another big audience mangler. This song, in a way, makes me laugh. The lyrics are humorous yet serious. The live version still lives up.

Born To Be My Baby) A true Bon Jovi song with lots of power. It's a shame that Tommy and Gina weren't mentioned in this song, but you can still feel that the song is somewhat about them. But who knows..?

Living In Sin) A very powerful and lyrical song. It goes a bit downhill, but it's nothing to avoid.

Blood On Blood) A song about best friends and sticking together. A promise I guess. . . . This song is logical and some people say it's part ONE, as Just Older is Blood On Blood part TWO..

Homebound Train) A little lower but still something to listen into. I want to hear this live..

Wild Is The Wind) Don't listen to it too many times...cause you'll get used to it and start to not want to hear it anymore. This song reminds me much of In These Arms from the 5th album, Keep The Faith.

Ride Cowboy Ride) Sounds as if it were recorded outside in a field.. This is fun and funny..

Stick To Your Guns) ..?

I'll Be There For You) Another true Bon Jovi song.. Richie really likes this one too.. Or so I've heard.

99 In The Shade) NOW we bring back Tommy And Gina. Can't forget about them can we? This song is best heard at night, while driving.

Love For Sale) Great way to end the album.

Rating: 10/10

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