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"Keep The Faith" Review 20 May 2002
The 5th Album

A review by Prayer 94'

This album, as it was said before, is an important one... I'm going into a little more detail with this album... Not because it's a favorite, but because it's important to explain. Between 1980 and 1990 the world, of music at least, revolved around the hair band rage. It really built up in the mid 80's, but it had always been big. Then, in the early 90's, grundge built in. Mostly Nirvana..and it was like..all of the sudden..No cool 80's costumes... No awesome stage performances and nearly EVERY hair band was left in the 8th decade of the century. Bon Jovi was one of the only one's to survive.. .. .. ..A few hair bands made it into the 90's..but they didn't get very far. Bon Jovi evolved with this beloved album, Keep The Faith. They dropped an image and replaced it with a new one.. Yet, so many people complain because Crush isn't EXACTLY like the Bon Jovi they once knew.. But if people would be logical and realize how much they've changed..Heh.. Keep The Faith, These Days, and Crush are all very different from the 80's albums... yet, they're all so much alike. Either way, every album, including this one, rocks.

I Believe) Very lyrical, and a great surprise as the album opener. Enough said.

Keep The Faith) The album title, and a good reason for that. This song is amazing.. It's lyrical and can really live up to our time now. This belongs in an area of These Days, Livin' On A Prayer, know.. Great song, and still has individuality!

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead) This is a funny song to me like Bad Medicine and Someday I'll Be Saturday Night.. An interesting thing about this song is..that.. it's length is 4:44.. First time i've seen that and noticed it much.

In These Arms) Here is one of the songs that show how much Bon Jovi has evolved. It sounds NOTHING like "Born To Be My Baby" but in a way, has the same kind of meaning. Also, it's one of the best Bon Jovi songs ever written.

Bed Of Rose) oooh..spooky! A love ballad! I haven't seen too many of these from the previous albums, if any at all.. But I'm not sure. In other words, I haven't seen any like THIS. I think it's better than "Always" as well.

If I Was Your Mother) Good.

Dry County) longest damn Bon Jovi song..ever I seen!

Woman In love) Good.

Fear) Very heavy... and shout-like..kind of like You Give Love A Bad Name but then again NOT.

I Want You) Good!

Blame It On The Love Of Rock & Roll) Okay, I will.

Little Bit Of Soul) Great way to end this album..

Rating: 10/10

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