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"Keep The Faith" Review 6 June 2002
just amazing

A review by Criss /

All the BJ fans are aware of the fact that KTF is one of theit best albums, but it also contains a masterpiece!!! And i want to say someting about IT! What masterpiece??? Guys, i'm talking about the one and only DRY COUNTY!!!!
It was the song that made me the huge Bj fan i am now! (back then i liked Bryan Adams, but i wasn't really a fan).
But D. County...well i loved it, even though back then i didn't quite understand it!
It is impossible for someone to listen to it and not to say WAWWWWWWWW!!!!
The lyrics: "It was like my soul's on fire and i had to watch the flames..." i think these are the best lyrics ever written!!! So sad, so deep,
Jon's voice! No words invented to describe it!!!
Richie's guitar solo!!! A real miracle! Something new, something old, something blue:))) Kidding!!! It's just fantastic. If it doesn't prove his talent, well then i don't know what can prove that!!!
The video...nobody ever talks about the vidoes...WEll the video it a nice one! I like the area it was filmed and it is suggestive for it's message! There's only dry land, nobody to help you, but there a band singing about it, so if the people have not heard your scream for help, Bon Jovi will hepl you make yourself heard!!!(maybe i exaggerated a bit)
Thank you guys!!! Thanks for your music!

Rating: 10/10

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