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"Slippery When Wet" Review 27 June 2002
Forever Slippery

A review by BonJoviFan4Ever

As I listen to the album. I think to myself how did I live without out it. Though all my friends think I'm crazy I say it's the greatest album in Rock&Roll history. You simply cannot skip a song on the album. Whether it's to fuel a party or sooth a broken heart it has a song for every situation

Let It Rock- Great Song. Though not one of my favorites, it's still a good song. 10/10

You Give Love A Bad Name- A classic rock song. A great song if you've just been rejected by someone or have broken up with your boyfriend or girlfriend. It's a great song when heard live. 11/10

Livin' On A Prayer- The best song of the century. It put Bon Jovi at the top of the charts in 1986 and etched there names in Rock&Roll history forever. It's brought me through some hard times. Everybody has been Tommy or Gina at least once in there life. 10/10

Social Disease- A fun song but a little poppy too. 8/10

Wanted Dead Or Alive- makes you think. I love this song It has the cowboy lyrics without the country sound. It has an AWESOME guitar solo. It should've gone number 1 on the charts. 11/10

Raise Your Hands- A great party song. Fun lyrics great backround guitar chords. Awesome keyboard in the begining. 10/100

Without Love- A good love song not to hard rock and not to pop sounding. 9/10

I'd Die For You- Represents the feeling of some highschool students like me who have been rejected by someone you thought you liked alot. 10/10

Never Say Goodbye- A great Power Ballad for highschool students. 10/10

Wild in The Streets- A great song. Great lyrics, GREAT guitar solo.(You rock Richie). It an unbelievable song.

Every Bon Jovi fan knows that this album began a new era in Rock music. The spare rendition of Livin' On A Prayer (Prayer '94) helped mend broken hearts in New York after September 11th. Prayer '94 should definetly be put on the next album.

Rating: 10/10

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