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"Crush" Review 9 June 2000
Made for the money.

This album is a mistake.

A review by The Legend /

It has been five years from the masterpiece called These Days. I have all of the Bon Jovi albums and both of Richie`s solo projects and I must say that this the worst of
them all. Almost all of the songs in this album are boring and they haven`t got any feeling. Best parts of the album are the ending of Next 100 years and the bonus track. Worst of the album are I got the girl, Mystery train and Just Older. Thank you for loving me has all the worst parts of Always and Bed of Roses. All the things on the album are heard before so many times that it makes me sick. The picture that I get from the album is that the guys just made some basic boring songs to get some money. We will have to find something else to believe in than Bon Jovi.

Rating: 3/10

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