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"Crush" Review 9 June 2000

People amaze me, almost as much as CRUSH

A review by TheFlash /

Hello yall!

I've sent already 2 reviews on Crush, but I thought I just had to send this one too!

As for the album, I must say, I've been hearing it for three weeks almost, and it is absolutly growing on me! Everytime I hear it, I love it more and more!

Really, I can't figure out something... Yes, I know, everybody's in title to an opinion, but... How can anyone say he's a BJ fan, and rate "Just Older" as a 2/10? What about "Thank you..."? A 2/10???? What's the matter, is it only me thinking these guys been under water for too long and have their ears filled with water?
Oh, I get it... These aren't BJ fans, and want to try to
crush "Crush"... Well, you can't...

Personally, I know a lot of "Anti-BonJovi" fans that heard some songs of Crush, like "Two Story Town", "It's my life", "One wild night", "Thank you for loving me" and "Neurotica", and almost begged me to borrow my CD. One of them, hardly as it may seem, everytime I see him (almost every day) he's singing or hearing "Two Story Town".

Now, tell me, does this mean Crush is a bad album? I don't think so!

I know this guy who can't even stand to hear the words "Bon Jovi"... He always say the only BJ song he ALMOST liked, was "Keep the faith"... Now I caught him changing his TV set to MTV, just because he heard "It's my life" was on that moment!
And what about the others who were already (real) BJ fans? I showed to one, even before the album was released, "Thank you for loving me"... He made a tape, with that song, playing over and over again! He keeps on listening to that tape over and over! It's 90 minutes of "Thank you..." each time he plays it!
My young brother (15 yo) changed his internet nickname to BJCrush...
I think this kind tells how good Crush is, doesn't it? Even the new generation like my brother is loving BJ's music!

What about myself?
Well, I'm proud of myself for not being a fanatic for anything! I like to analise everything before giving my opinion, and my analisys is usually based upon facts.

I'm also a songwriter and a rock singer. I have my own style in writing, and singing.
What's my opinion? To those who want to know, my opinion is that Crush is the best album BJ ever made!
I don't think it has the best songs! No sir... "Always" was far better than any other song on "Crush" (I play for high standards don't I?). "These Days" and "Keep the Faith" were probably BJ's albums with most meaningfull lyrics... I know that! Why do I still think Crush is better?

Just take a look at the world today! Do you really think the world need's copies of masterpieces? "Everybody else is doing it, so why can't we?" is that what BJ is suppose to think? No way!

Crush, is the best Rock album in a loooonnnngggg time, because of nothing, and all, at the same time! It's original, besides some think, for example, "Mistery Train" is similar to "Soul Asylum" just because it has "train" in the title! It's fresh, it's happy and it really Rocks!

Can only say one thing...

Jon, Richie, Tico, David... Way to go guys! Keep up this way, and there will be noone to beat you, ever!

Thank you, and keep the faith!


Rating: 10/10

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