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"These Days" Review 15 August 2002
The Best Album

A review by radome32

What to say about "These Days"? In my opinion this is the best album recorded by Bon Jovi.

It has love songs as in every Bon Jovi's albums and they sounds very good.

"Lie To Me" is a beautiful song, where Richie Sambora makes the backing vocals and play a clean guitar solo. Other great ballad I think is "My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms" (but the tittle of this song is very long, isn't it?). The way Tico Torres plays is very nice! Just hit-hat in the verses, until the song get distortions guitars. The way the guitar ends the solo is very beautiful (the whole solo is very beautiful) and it fits with next verse. The harmonic in the last chorus is very cool!

"Damned" is a great song. I love its riff! And instead of this riff is in many parts of this song, this is not boring! It gives a special feeling to this song!

I like very much "Something To Believe In". It's um second-favorite-song of this album. Here is nice too, the way Tico Torres plays .He got a different style for this song and I really love it! The guitars in the solo are very beautiful, the synchronism between them, and the way every one goes. At the final of the solo they are in the same chord and you really can hear 2 guitars making the same! It's great! The backing vocals made by Richie Sambora fits very well here. In many songs, he sings with his soul and it's wonderful, it's fantastic!

My fave song is "Hey God". It's my favorite Bon Jovi's song. As many songwriters use to say, this is a song I would want to have wrote! The lyrics are excellent! I got nothing to talk 'bout this song, 'cause it's perfect! No backing vocals sounds very good. The 2 guitars walking by different ways on the final guitar solo is cool too!

"Something For The Pain" and "These Days" are songs I like so much, and it's interesting to listen those many times to understand them.

This album has good songs, and they fit into themselves.

"These Days" is an album I recommend!

Rating: 10/10

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