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"These Days" Review 22 August 2002
These Days Reveiw by The Jayster

The Bands best work

A review by Jonny Hunter /

These Days was the last Bon Jovi album I bought. I had listened to all the others before and got used to their sound. Maybe thats why I did'nt think much of it the first time I played it. Now however, it is my favourite album of all time. The bands best lyrics are found in this album. The sound of "Damned" is more rocky than anything else and basicaly kicks ass. It's so non-eighties. "Something for the pain" is my favourite song. I love the idea of a girl saving you from your unhappiness and stopping it before you curl up and die.

I am a possitive kind of person, thats why I don't understand why I love the album so much but hearing these depressing songs(most of them anyway) makes you realise how much the band needed to mature to release something like this. "My guitar lies bleeding in my arms" is an incredibly powerfull song about that kind of depression you can't tell why you have it.

The title track "These days" is yet another classic. It's sort of the opposite of "Keep the faith" with a similar sound. Instead of keeping faith, Jon and Richie tell us what's wrong with the world, which isn't a bad thing.

All the songs on here including the exellent "All i want is everything" which is a bonus track but shouldn't be, are exellent.

Anyone who moans about the bands "Big hair and pop music" should give this masterpeice a listen.

Rating: 9/10

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