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"Keep The Faith" Review 27 August 2002
The ULTIMATE Bon Jovi Album!!

A breif review of KEEP THE FAITH

A review by Reginald TealBlueBookcasewithplentyof stickers

My name is Reginald TealBlueBookCasewithplentyofstickers.
I have been a Bon Jovi fan since Easter last year, i love listening to them, (on my days off from the University for People with Silly Surnames, where I study the course,
"How to talk to cheese" and am currently studying the "Diploma of Brie") as well as Oasis and Aerosmith.
I have all post-90 albums,the most recent one I got was "Keep the Faith' which I shall be reviewing.
I'm a huge fan of Elephant-sized rock ballads, and there are plenty on KTF. I love I BELIEVE, which has an awesome hook, BED OF ROSES, which I think is the ULTIMATE Elephant-sized ballad, gorgeous hook, spine-tingling chorus and awesome solo. Same goes for DRY COUNTY, the song is well-written, but Richie's guitar own's this song. I WANT YOU a good ALWAYS-esque ballad, but is dwarfed in comparison. Other songs i enjoy are I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD, a lively rock and roll song, a category which i can fit BLAME IT ON THE LOVE which, if possible, is even better. Jon's best vocals are on WOMAN IN LOVE, his vocals are quite Jimmy Barnes/Steven Tyler-ish, don't you agree, Mr. Brie. KEEP THE FAITH and IN THESE ARMS are both awesome songs but i heard them constantly on "Crossroads" so they don't hold much as the newer songs. I regard FEAR as a very well-written song (as well as an great vocalist, Jon's a wonderful, literate songwriter.) The final tune, LITTLE BIT OF SOUL, is one i don''t mind. I like the relaxed, improvised vibe of it and Jon takes the song home well. I has quite a bluesy feel to it.
In summary, I regard "Keep the Faith" as the ULTIMATE Bon Jovi album!! and am looking forward to "Bounce" with a degree of anticipation no mouthful of cheese can placate. Thank you for your time, and now it's back to my books about cheese.

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