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"Bon Jovi" Review 5 September 2002
HELLAS ROCKS. Bon Jovi visit us.

Modern British rock your heart out!

A review by A Greek fun needing to see BON JOVI live again. /

Being a Bon Jovi fun in the last 8-9 years,I felt 'like a kid in a candy store' when I saw them live in the UK 2 years ago.

I don't know if BONJOVI is an influential album since I was a kid back then, but I can surely tell that it is a great one, and sometimes, when I am asked to chose the best BJ album I mention this.Not that it is easy, but this album doesn't have external writers or mega-producers.100%BON JOVI.

RUNAWAY. A very defining song, trademark of the band we love (Is it co-written by a Greek guy-G.Karakoglou?)Perfect melody and fantastic keyboards.I can't imagine anyone disliking it! 10/10

ROULETTE. Probably my favourite. Great intro that reminds me of the much later Alice Cooper's POISON.Great guitar by Richie and absolutely tremendous vocals by Jon.The lyrics are also fantastic. 10/10

SHE DON'T KNOW ME.That's what you get from a combination of disco and rock! No doubt why it was released as a single back then! A very catchy song, which however seems a bit old-fashioned.(Who is M.Avsec?)It definitely needs more guitar work.The lyrics howevere are wide enough to apply to most boys.Who hasn't felt like that. 8/10...but works for me.

SHOT THROUGH THE HEART.What a dynamite.The guitar will make the speakers explode!It certainly shows Richie's high prestige.David's keyboards also provide another dimesion. Probably the hottest song. I also liked the backing vocals a lot. 10/10

LOVE LIES.Unlike some reviews I read, this is a great ballad, HARD and LOUD as it should be for such band.The climax of the song a bit before Richie's solo,and Jon's high vocals following it, is out of reach for many bands.Pity I haven't seeen it live. 10/10

BREAKOUT. Great rhythm, bass and drums are working very well.Exactly what should follow the previous ballad.Great atmosphere.What one should listen to while driving at night! 10/10

BURNING FOR LOVE. A fast song emphasizing the performing abilities of the band.Very 80s,very hot.Again the guitar solo is absolutely amazing. That's what rock'n roll should be. 10/10

COME BACK.In the same vein, Jon & Richie wrote this edgy song.Shouldn't listen to this while driving, if your girl left you! 10/10

GET READY. Perhaps the weakest song here.Straight rock 'n roll, lots of fun. Lacks identity however, it could have been written by a second-class band.Still in the hands of Bon Jovi it reaches another dimension. 7/10

What more from a first attempt.The cover with the band standing on a busy road during the night says it all. Attitude,jeans & leather clothes,long hair,(not to mention the beauty)... promise of a wild night out... and many decibels!

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