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"These Days" Review 12 September 2002
This is the ONE

What can I say?

A review by The_Bug[BJ] /

Some things you can`t describe with words. One of them for me is this album.But let me tell you that I`m a fan of BJ since I was 5(now I`m 17). I`ve got everything that they have done on official albums,and almost everything they haven`t done, including demos.b-sides,bootlegs,live and etc.

I`m really fanatic about them. No doubt they changed with every next album. But most of this different types of BJ I love These Days. For me it has the deepest emotions and feelings on it. I mean it`s so truly one. I`m a happy person most of the time and I don`t think that some of the songs on TD are depresing. They`re just so deep and sad(My Guitar...;It`s Hard). This is music that got his own message. I love that kind of music. My favourite track on the CD (and among all the others albums) is It`s hard. Man,just when I hear the first chord of the song everything else don`t matter to me but the song. It`s amazing,just amazing. So that`s all,I can talk about an hours, but u know, some things...

Rating: 10/10

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