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"Bounce" Review 14 September 2002
bouncing back

hell of a album

A review by stormbringer /

what can i say.

From the first song (undivided) i thought to my self "this is pretty heavy sounding"...however this was not a put off point,infact it made me appreciate the band many times more than before.

Somebands change the music stylings experimenting with different sounds..most of the time spoil the magic from earlier records..however this aint the case for bon jovi.
After about 3 listens to the opening track (i like it as you can tell) it was time to go further into the unknown.
And to tell the truth , every track made me want to listen to the album again (the standout part of the cd was the guitar solo on the right side of wrong)

bounce would have been a better finale songinstead of open all night...but in any case the album has different styles of songs for any bon jovi fan (new or old).

The veterans of bj will straight away love everyday and bounce bacause of the catchy chorus's..just like old bon jovi.

The new found fans will enjoy undivided and hook me up....mainly for showing the fans that after nearly 20 years of rocking they can still pound out some kick ass tracks.

The rock ballads will be appreciated by nearly everyone (i myself think it gives the album a touch of character)going from the heavy sound of the opener to the others like love me back to life and you had me from hello.

All in all a excellent it loud, with the lights out.


Rating: 9/10

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