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"Bounce" Review 14 September 2002

A review by Adrian

Hi to everyone reading this review. This is, in my opinion THE best Bon Jovi album yet. It really suprised me on a lot of tracks, especially after reading summaries of the CD.

1.Undivided. From the title and summary I thought it was gonna be patriotic jingoism(Sorry 'bout that). WOW, was I suprised! Hard, hard beat, combined with the sound of a classic "ballad". Especially liked the " many dreams been torn apart", "...deep down its ringing out it each of us", and "...enough, the time has come for us to rise back up as one", I probably interpret this differently, but its still great!

2.Everyday. A lot of songs make a statement, this song IS a statement. The lyrics are the best part, if you really listen to them, they could be the anthem to someone's life. I've certainly looked at them that way sometimes. Really liked the first part of the chorus. 2nd best on the album!

3.The Distance. I've heard this compared to Creed's "My Sacrifice", but the music reminds me of "With Arms Wide Open" for some reason. Another good life-anthem, but not one I'll put on infinite repeat.

4.Joey. Good song with well-above-average lyrics, but not one of my favorites. Touching, but a little too...I don't know...depressing, maybe?

5.Misunderstood. Good song, with anthem qualities. It's a story about someone struggling to say the right things and correct the things they've said wrong (something I can sympathize with). My 2 cents: I just can't see Jon passing out in the yard, he's too high class (If you listen the the song you'll understand what I'm saying).

6.All About Loving You. Good ballad. It reminds me of Aerosmith's "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing". Good lyrics, especiall liked "...I don't want to sleep tonight, dreaming's just a waste of time." Very good for a ballad.

7.Hook Me Up. Sung from the view of someone living in a bunker reaching out for someone. Very haunting song, if you read the lyrics. Good life-anthem, but a good rock song. (I, and probably a lot of other people, can sympathize with the character in the song). 3rd best on the album!

8.Right Side Of Wrong. This is a story and a darn good one at that. Sounds like it should've gone on The Blaze Of Glory CD, what with the story and all. Reminds me of the movie John Q (SEE THIS MOVIE!!!) in that it's someone doing something illegal for the right reasons, and not regretting it. Love that "...we'll slip across the border on the wrong side of right". Something haunting there.

9.Love Me Back To Life. Good song, but, and I'll probably have people disagree here, I think it's filler. It's a good song, but just not one of my favorites. I don't think I'd skip over listening to it, but I wouldn't put it on ifinite repeat.

10.You Had Me From Hello. Very good ballad. I would've liked it better if it had've been about a new relationship, but it's still good.

11.Bounce. THE BEST TRACK!!! When I heard about it and the inspiration for it I thought it was gonna be like Undivided, try and sell us on the American spirit and other patriotic propaganda. I'll eat my words with a fork!!! This is better than It's My Life and Everyday! An anthem for life if I ever heard one. I'm SO glad he didn't finish out the start of the chorus " it karma, call it luck, me I just don't give a" that would've ruined the song for me. As it is, the chorus is GREAT, and each "verse" is well thought out(kind of egotistical though). I guess I'll stop singing the praises of this song and move on.

12.Open All Night. In my opinion, this is at least as good, or better than Always. He makes you feel what he's feeling. That's about all I can say for this song, as it's the best ballad on the CD. Love that chorus, listen to it a couple dozen times! 4th best song on the CD.

Till next time,


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