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"Bounce" Review 14 September 2002
They bounced back again!

A review by onewildgirl /

No words are good enough for this..!

Me, for myself always thought These Days was
the best album they could ever make. Even
Crush couldn't make it by that. (Sorry if I'm
dissappointing someone now)

I changed my opinion completely. BOUNCE is the
best ever!! More rock, more ballad, more of everything,
and in every way better!!

Undivided - When I started listening to the album with
this song, I knew it was okay. A good start of an even
better album! Obviously it is about the tragical day of
September 11th, 2001, but is also a song telling everyone
to hold on.

Everyday - Some think it's like It's my life, me too in
the beginning, but not anymore. The only thing they have
in common is the positive message in it. It's my life was
in Crush's style, Everyday is BOUNCE!

The distance - Different, and beautiful. Not something
you'd expect, but as we know: they always surprise us. For
me this was the biggest surprise, because this song
is really not their style.

Joey - Another surprise. Not a song like 'song', but more
a song like 'story'. You can't stop listening, because Jon
is 'telling' you about this boy, and you just wanna know
how it's gonna end!

Misunderstood - A real Bon Jovi love-song, in my opinion.
Feelings everyone has sometimes, written down and sung
so understandable, even if you didn't know what the words
were meaning, you'd KNOW, because of the way of singing.

All about loving you - THE ballad of the album. Classical
and good, as always (as 'Always'..!) And also important:
you can sing loud out with it, and no difficult lyrics, but
original though. (I can't listen to music without singing
with it..)

Hook me up - I like the intro most, but over all a good
song! A simple but real 'Bon Jovi-chorus', something
that stays in your mind after hearing it.

Right side of wrong - The only song I couldn't appreciate
too much, or shouldn't I be saying this as a fan? The first impression the lyrics made on me, was that the song would
be like Wanted dead or alive, but that wasn't the case, not
at all. The melody wasn't as catchy as the one from WDOA,

You had me from hello - Beautiful, in one word. Nearly no
(electric) guitars, like they're standing in your
room. Sounds to me a good song to do acoustic...?

Love me back to life - Another one of my fave's of this
album. Especially the chorus is way cool..!! Jon sings
it like he's really feeling that hurt when he's singing. Not a real ballad, not a real rock song, it's got both. Can't describe it, just listen to it yourself!

Bounce - After hearing the whole album, this was the song
I could remember the best, and it is definately my favorite.
I don't know what to say about it anymore,

Open all night - Funny how music can touch you so much.
Some say, "it's only music", but this isn't just a song,
this is high class!

For all those who still have to wait for this
record, I can tell you: It's worth the waiting,
definately, but it can't do any harm to listen
it any earlier!!!

Keep the faith all!

Rating: 10/10

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