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"Bounce" Review 15 September 2002
Damn Good album, but there's one thing...

A review by Rene /


first of all, THIS RECORD REALLY ROCKS, It's great, the other reviews are right!

There's only one thing I'd like to say:
Even after all those heavy rythm guitar work, Bounce is kinda missing something compared with all albums before. As a guitar player, I'm missing some OUTSTANDING GUTAR SOLO WORK. It's for shure, that all soli work very well with the (BTW perfect written) songs, but i miss some heavy licks like in Hey God, If I Was Your Mother, WDOA, YGLABN, These Days, Bed Of Roses and so on...

AND, 'Right Side Of Wrong' would have worked well with some added 12-string accoustic guitar, too IMHO ;o)

Comments welcome!


Rating: 9/10

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