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"Crush" Review 10 June 2000

The potential was there but for a few songs

A review by Antman /

What can I say it's been too long between cd's and when It's My Life came out as a single it appeared as though the coming album would be fantastic but ......

1.It's My Life : nice rocking number thoroughly enjoy it every time I listen to it. 10/10

2.Say It Isn't So:Didn't like it at first and still doesn't appeal to me all that much so i skip it some times. 4/10

3.Thank You For Loving Me:Fist time i heard this one thought it was dull and boring but since then has grown on me a bit. 7/10

4.Two Story Town:Enjoyed this one straight away and continue to love it. 10/10

5.Next 100 Years:A bit of a wasted solo by Richie on this one but not a bad number all in all. 7/10

6.Just Older:One of the best on this album and have to listen to it all the time 10/10

7.Mystery Train:YAWWWWWWWWN never want to hear it again 0/10 (what the hell is it on this album for)

8.Save The World:This one is alright if I'm in the mood for listening to it 5/10

9.Capt Crash " The Beauty Queen:Just gotta love those interesting lyrics but a nice rocking number as well 8/10

10.She's A Mystery:Must be the word mystery which stuff's up the songs cause another boring one.If i feel like i can't sleep put this one on and I'll be in slumerland real quick 0/10

11.I Got The Girl:Not a bad song middle of the road type of thing but alright I guess 6/10

12.One Wild Night:For some strnage reason this one reminded me of 99 in the shade chuck em both on a party soundtrack.

13.I Could Make A ...... :hmmmm not one of their best that's for sure 3/10

14.Neurotica:What a song I absolutely love it, should've been a single but only ended up as a bonus track but what a song. 10/10

...... those poor songs ruin what could've been a top album.
What I really think this album lacks also is the epic song like "Dry County" which still in my eyes is the best song they've ever done.

No matter what they do on their albums they are the best live band out there so I'll be rocking at their concert when they venture Down Under later this year.

Rating: 7/10

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