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"Bounce" Review 15 September 2002
Thank God

A review by Heathers Hairbrush

Best track on the album by far,this is an instant classic and excellent album opener. Big chorus that will make the hairs on your neck stand up straight. If you liked "It's my life" you'll love this one. 10/10

Not my choice for the first single,that would have been undivided,but crunchy guitar riff and catchy chorus. You've heard this by know so make up your own mind. 8/10

The Distance:
Another big chorus with excellent orchestral arrangement(nice one Dave) and heavy guitar riff. Good stuff indeed.

Jon in storyteller mood. A real grower this one. Nice mid tempo effort with strong hook lines and more nice keyboard arrangements. 8/10

Not my favoutite but a chorus you have to tap your foot to. Excellent guitar solo. 8/10

All About Lovin' you:
If you liked "Never say Goodbye" you'll like this as it's basically the same song. Fantastic lighters in the air chorus and a certain single. 10/10

Hook me Up:
One of many favourites on the album.Heavy opening riff and a great chorus (sounds a bit like really good Cult). 9/10

Right side of wrong:
Jon in Bonnie and Clyde storyteller mode again. Could have been a track on Blaze of Glory. Excellente!! 8/10

You had me from hello:
Sorry, don't like this. Verses are a bit too Lady in Red for my taste. Nice acoustic playing from Richie though. In my opinion the only filler on the album. 7/10

This is great. "Call it karma, call it luck, me I just don't give a f$%*k. Get up and jump around to this. Will be a great live track. 9/10

Open all night:
A nice way to wind down the album. Chorus reminds me of Bitter Wine. 8/10

This is Bon Jovi's strongest album in a long time with a wide range of guitar sounds and song styles but still very Bon Jovi. The production is excellent and the songs are very catchy. Melodic rock is back. Buy this album,you'll be glad you did.See you on tour guys.

This is Bon Jovi's best album in a long long time. Quality songs throughout the album will keep you company through the forthcomimg winter months.

Rating: 9/10

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