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"Keep The Faith" Review 18 September 2002
Let's keep the faith

best album ever

A review by Sambo

Hi Fans,

I’d like to tell you my opinion about the album “keep the faith” from 1992.

“Keep the faith” is my absolute favourite album! It unites Rock’n Roll and wonderful Rockballads and divine Songtexts. Another reason to love this album is the consequence of the theme of keeping the faith and how it is told. I wanna add my opinions to the single tracks on that great album.

1 I believe- the best opener ever! Great vocals, great melody, cool guitar riff and a great solo by Mr.Sambora! Great! 10/10

2 Keep the faith- one of the most famous Bon Jovi songs and one of my favourites, too. Very good vocals and what a chorus!! 10/10

3 I’ll sleep when I’m dead- Another great song from this great album. A good-mood-song although the title seems to be serious... 9,5/10

4 In these arms- one of the best ballads of Bon Jovi (like always, bed of roses, this ain’t a lovesong or thank you for loving me...). Great vocals and a wonderful chorus which makes you join in. A great song- 10/10

5 Bed of roses- do I need any words? 10/10

6 If I was your mother- One of the songs which needn’t be sung. Sorry, but this is not one of my faves... the text is okay, Richie’s guitar, too, but it’s not innovative 7/10

7 Dry county- the song which gives this site its name. A great song which lasts 9:51minutes. But boring? No!! Great songtext, one of Richie’s most emotional guitar-solos and great Keyboard work. Thank you for this song! 10/10

8 Woman in love- Rock’n Roll at its best! A cool text with great guitar work (as ever) 9,5/10

9 Fear- fast tempo-song with one of the most voice-demanding vocals! I had to listen it three to four times to take pleasure to it, but now, I like this song. 9/10

10 I want you- a slow ballad with a great Bon Jovi-like chorus. There are better ballads from Bon Jovi, but it’s okay. 8/10

11 Blame it on the love of Rock’n Roll- only for fans J like we are! I don’t understand why Jon sais :”All that I want is to a rollin’ stone”. Why that? Bon Jovi rulz. A good song. 9/10

12 Little bit of soul- a good ending for that album. A slow Rock’n Roll track which is gettin’ faster in the end. Very good ender 8,5/10

If “Bounce”, the album I’m looking forward to like most of you do is only approximately as good as “Keep the faith”, I’d be very glad.

Sambo J

Rating: 10/10

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