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"Bounce" Review 21 September 2002
Bounce - The Start of Something Fresh?

same ol' shirt

A review by John Jovi /

After several listenings of this album, courtesy of my friends at WinMX, I feel ready to express my thoughts on the latest Bon Jovi CD.

This album is very much Crush Pt. 2 - a pathetic performance of a once-great band bastardizing themselves, completely trading originality to join the ranks of Britney Spears and Enrique.

Many will disagree and most websites won't acknowledge this opinion and choose instead only to propagate this band, ignoring the many who after listening to Bounce are asking themselves was it only two albums ago that Bon Jovi released the deeply inspiring These Days?

After Jon's embarrassing and dismal acting run on Ally McBeal he returns to mirror, ironically, that experience with the stale 'Bounce' - JBJ choosing to wear the same ol' favorite dirty shirt.

Disappointingly, this album is a solid rehash of anything and everything that's been done before, from other artists to BJ's own catalog. In many of the songs the nods to other bands are so unhidden they should be giving away writing credits.

On which songs? Where to start? The Distance wreaks (sp?) of Creed. Undivided sounds like the Matthew Good Band. Joey is Elton John. Others are obvious Goo Goo Dolls, Beatles. A b-side We Can Dance is Missing You by John Waite in which Jon probably believes his fans are too new or too old to remember that '84 classic. The ultimate rip-off is the one where Bon Jovi unashamedly rip themselves off - copying last year's It's My Life and giving it a new name - the title track, 'Bounce'.

"But what about those ballads?!" many of the now disgruntled fans must be screaming. Well, simply put, they are as authentic as Jon Bon Jovi's hair/wig.

Bounce, the start of something fresh? Bounce, as fresh as Enrique's sweaty toque.

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