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"Bounce" Review 23 September 2002
Bounce real-time review

A review by vizlor /

Hey, I just bought the new album, and I'm going to hear it for the first time ever now. I though I'd might just review it at the spot now as I hear it, so here follows my comments on each song right after I've heard it.
My first impressions.

- - -

Undivided: Wow! The intro starts off like "secret dreams" from fahrenheir. I really like it. The whole sound of the song is very good, but I don't like the septemeber 11 inspired lyrics. Still, the song is over now and it rocked. 9/10

Everyday: I like it, but I don't really like the sort of poppish sound, and in a way it feels adapted for MTV. But It's good, and richie does a great job. 8/10

The Distance: Brilliant. I like the lyrics so far, and the sound is very good. I'll be listening to this allot. 10/10

Joey: David Bryan! Finally he get's to show some talent, and the song is built up very well. 9/10.

Misunderstood: I am in love with this song. I am already singing along. Sometimes it feels a little made for MTV too, but I don't care with this one. 10/10.

*eats some snacks*
*drinks some water*

All about loving you: Unfortunatly, this doesn't sound like the sort of stuff I like. It's ok, but not really more. 6/10.
EDIT: It got better in the end: 7/10

Hook me up: Oh yeah!!! I am speachless, after about ten seconds. :O 10/10
EDIT: No, I changed my mind. 12/10
EDIT EDIT: Outro sucked.

*rasies volume on stereo*

Right side of wrong: This song was ok. 7/10

Love me back to life: Wait... I already heard this in the distance, didn't I? The intro is very simular. The refrain so far rocks anyhow. It's a great song. 10/10

You had me from hello: I like it. It's pretty. 8/10

Bounce: I don't give a f-f-f-f-f-f-f-BOUNCE! 15/10
*rasies volume on stereo up to pain level*

*jumps around in room for a while*
*random screaming*

Open all night: Damnit! What happened! I got half deaf and I strangeled my cat in joy, but for what? Do I deserve this? Bring back the distortion! Booo! Ok, so this song was good anyway I guess. I'll give it 8/10

- - -

So now it's over. The review is done. I really enjoyed it, and it was worth the wait. My opinion about the cd will probably change allot over time, but this is the first impressions.

Rock on.

- John

Rating: 10/10

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