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"Bounce" Review 23 September 2002

basically its brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A review by chris /

sept 23 is here and so is bounce, is it good? no, its brilliant, its everything you want in a bon jovi album, rock anthems, ballads and every one done in bon jovi style.

the album starts off with "Undivided" possibly the best song on the album, its pretty clear what this song is about "that was my brother lost in the rubble" but i think rock songs are a better way to go when it comes to 9/11, than say a ballad, the lyrics are fantastic with verse and chorus mixing together perfectly, it has really strong guitar rifts which r in many of the tracks, all in all a great opener. 10/10

next is "Everyday" the albums first single with a message to all about how to live our lives, another great rock song, fast paced with strong guitar paly matched with great lyrics. 9/10

"The distance" is the first song to feature an orchestra, it definately gives the song something extra, the lyrics in this song are some of the best on the album, a great song with great music to match. 9/10

"Joey" Bon jovi songs have featured a few characters over the years, Tommy & Gina, Danny & Bobby, Jimmy shoes, now its the turn of Joey Keys this is more like a story than a song which makes a great change, the opening verse sets the scene, and as the song goes on things change in the life of Joey, this is a great song, wasnt to impressed to start with but it definately grows on you as its different from most songs. 8/10

"Misunderstood" once again after the first listen it doesnt imeddiately stick out but after a few times it sounds better and better, its a kind of inbetween song, not a ballad but not an all out rock song, great lyrics(as always) the songs about what could have been, and how we always seem to know the right path after we have taken the wrong one. 8/10

"All about lovin you" it wouldnt be a bon jovi album without a ballad and bounce has a few, 5 to be exact. This ones about how great love is and all the stuff youd expect from a bon jovi ballad, altough as with many of the songs on crush the point of view has changed to that of someone whos looking back at their lives "looking at the pages of my life" the guys arent 20 anymore and this is being reflected in their music, most notably "just older" all in all this is a great ballad, although not the best one on the album theres still a high quality blend of lyrics and music. 8/10

"Hook me up" before listening to this one the volume should be set at max! this is a "kick ass" rock song and just as important to a bon jovi album as any ballad, once again the lyrics have a 9/11 feel "everyone around the world is feelin just the same way as we are" the songs about feeling alone and calling out for help, it has some really heavy guitar sounds, similar to undivided, a great song although the ending is pretty strange as it kind of cuts out in mid song. 9/10

"right side of wrong" another ballad and another story, this one about the struggles of life and how people deal with them, this is a real bon jovi song, with a bon jovi feel, the kind you wont hear from anyone else, its the only song on the album that was written by jon alone and i think this can be seen in the lyrics "sippin whiskey, singin cowboy songs". 8/10

"Love me back to life" personally i think this is the strongest of the ballads on the album, for me it has everything, great lyrics, great music, has those parts that build up and for me its a classic bon jovi ballad and is up there with always and i'll be there for you. 10/10

"You had me from hello" i think maybe the album could have done with another everyday or hook me up type of song instead of another ballad, its a good song the lyrics and music go well together but its not as good as the other songs. 7/10

"Bounce" why do we listen to music? why do we listen to bon jovi? the answer is songs like this, its bon jovi through and through, it gives you that buzz, its the kind of song that should get played when your getting ready to go out, the music makes you want to get up and do something, this is destind to be a concert classic, once again its about 9/11 but the message this time is "nothins gonna keep me down". 10/10

"Open all night" maybe 5 ballads on the one album is a bit much but this is a great song none the less, once again about the heartache of that thing called love, this is probably the slowest moving songs on the album, it has some nice lyrics along with some soft guitar sounds, another good song, although i think bounce or hook me up would have been a more fitting end to the album. 8/10

Rating: 10/10

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