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"Bounce" Review 24 September 2002
Bounce for bad days

A review by Cecile /

First of all I must say that Iīm surprised. Iīve loved Bon Jovi quite a while now but honestly I didnīt expect this album to be as good it is. All 12 songs are brilliant with great lyrics. I couldnīt agree more with this sentence said by one of the fans : "Even the worst song of this record is awesome!" At least thatīs how I feel. Sometimes when Iīm having a bad day(for example in school) I put Bounce in my cd player and things start to go better. Any one who feels the same? What do you think about this record? Iīd like to know especially if someone dissapointed with this record. My favs are joey, the distance, undivided and misunderstood. Oh and of course Bounce.

Rating: 9/10

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