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"Bounce" Review 24 September 2002
One of the best

This album sounds awesome

A review by Luke Carey /

Naturally, when the new Bon Jovi album came out i went straight out and bought it. After buying the two singles i was expecting a lot as the songs on there were really good. And i was not disappointed.

Undivided - One of Bon Jovi's strongest songs. I really enjoyed this one and thought it opened the album perfectly. {10/10}

Everyday - The first single from the new album, and what a song. It's a good party song that everyone should sing along to! {10/10}

The Distance - Didn't know about this one at first, but thats why i love Bon Jovi, the more you listen to their songs the more you like them. As you can tell, i now thoroughly enjoy this song! {9/10}

Joey - I love these stoyteller type songs that Bon Jovi seem to have perfected. This is possibly one of their best ever... i absolutely love it. (it has inspired me to write my next screenplay!) {10/10}

Misunderstood - WOW, is all i have to say! I love driving songs, and this one is just about the perfect driving song! Get in your car, put this on, turn it up very loud and ENJOY the feeling! {10/10}

All about lovin' you - I love Bon Jovi ballads, thay have everything from hope, romance to mystery. This one is good! {10/10}

Hook me up - What an intro!! it ROCKS! i really like this song, another good party album and one to sing your heart out to! Richie really tears up the guitar with this song. Excellent! {10/10}

Right side of Wrong - Why oh why isn't Jon a cowboy?! This song is soo cool. it makes me want to get on my horse and ride into the sunset! this is a passionate song with an awesome solo from Mr Guitar himself Richie! lets ride until the dawn, siping whiskey, singing cowboy songs! {10/10}

Love me back to life - This ones more of a rocking ballad. I LOVE this song, i really think it's one of their best! What more can i say! {10/10}

You had me from hello - This one slows things down a bit, but the quality is consistent, another great song from the New Jersey boys! Great song, great sound and amazing lyrics. This one will cause a lot of weddings i'm sure!! {10/10}

Bounce - If 'cool' was a song, then this would be it! This song ROCKS... and then some! Bon Jovi have done it again, they have proved that they are and always will be the GREATEST ROCK band to ever grace Gods green earth!! Thank you for giving us this song!! Rock on {11/10}

Open all night - Another ballad to finish off the album on a more romantic note. I like this one as well. I thought putting so many ballads on the album might have a bad effect, but they're all so good it simply enhances the pleasure when listening to this amazing album! Another great song {10/10}

As you can tell i liked this album. Over all i think it's one of their most consistent albums and i can't wait for whatever's next. I also thin that every demo song on the singles could have been an album track! What talent these boys have. Well done on a fantastic album!
We stand as one... Undivided

p.s. i am from england and would just like to personally thank America for giving the world BON JOVI, thank you USA!
Keep the Faith
Luke x

Rating: 10/10

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