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"Bounce" Review 25 September 2002
.....back to the roots

A review by Zoey

Well, I wasnīt expecting much after Iīve heard Everyday. But when Iīve quickly zipped through the album in my car I was surprised at the change of style compared to Crush. At home I listened to it a couple of times and I must say itīs BJs best since the 80s!

I am a big big BJ fan since ī85 but I was personally let down more with every album since NJ; even though I still like them all.

As I stated in the beginning: I first thought when I heard Everyday that the boys continue producing songs like on Crush: emotionless, sterile and too popish in my opinion.
That all changed with Bounce. Nearly all the songs - upbeat - midtempo - and the ballads - are all classik bj style; great lyrics and emotional! That I missed on Crush.
I donīt want to rate every song by itself because that is up to everyone to judge by themselfs but also because the songs have to be seen as a whole. In my opinion there is not one single weak song or a filler, more so the songs have to be seen as a whole story - all in one on Bounce!
Enjoy listening to it and donīt be upset to wait for it for another two weaks..itīll be worth it!

Welcome back to Bon Jovi!!!!!!

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