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"Bounce" Review 25 September 2002

just perfekt !!!

A review by WildJoviMan /

First i want to say that bounce is a pure Bon Jovi record, but in itīs way an outstanding record in the catalog of BJ!
Itīs Bon Jovi 2002, and it sound fantastic !!
here we go

great opening song, not as good as "i believe" or "hey god" but it rockīs and has a great melody, in my oppinion this a typical Bon Jovi song. (9/10)

nothing more to say to this one, first single, great stumping rock song (not the greatest BJ had writen) but itīs still worth for the first single !! (10/10)

3)The Distance
this is one of my total favorites in "Bounce". "the distance" is just brilliant, i love to hear them in such a great foarm, this grows very very fast on me !! GREAT (10/10)

This one is not the song iīm listening very often. itīs not bad, not so god, itīs one of those fillerīs on the album, not the best one, instead of this one they should have put "standing" on the album, but itīs just my oppinion (6/10)

weakest song on the album. typical "please play us on the radio" song. bad bad bad (please make it not the 2īnd single, bounce has got so much better songīs) wake up !!

6)All About Lovinī You
this one is what Bon Joviīs balladīs makes them a bon jovi ballad. nothing more to say. great (9/10)

7)Hook Me Up
ahhh, here it is, another rock & roll Bon Jovi song, good after the shock of "Misunderstood". puuh, "hook" is a very strong and heavy song, please more of those songīs !! GREAT

8)Right Side Of Wrong
One of my favorites on the record. just brilliant (10/10)

9)Love Me Back To Life
For me, the BEST SONG ON "BOUNCE" great lyricīs, great melody, just, perfekt, super,brilliant one of the best BJ songīs ever !!!!! (12/10)

10)You Had Me From Hello
some of you didnīt like this one, but i think "YHMFH" is not the filler on the album (itīs joey) "YHMFH is a nice, romantic acoustic ballad. not bad - not bad !! (9/10)

pefekt song, a little bit like itīs my life (listen to ticoīs drum, and you can here it) but i like the way the song startīs !!! (10/10)

12)Open All Night
i love this one very much, cause it soundīs a little bit like "BITTER WINE" and bitter wine was/is always one of my favorite songīs. GRGEAT (10/10)

all in all, a good, strong an louder record than crush was, not that heavy rock album jon was talking about, but i like this BON JOVI more than the heavy loud one !! GREAT ALBUM, SEE YOU 2003 ON THE ROAD

Rating: 10/10

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